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F&S Bondtec Thin Wire Wed Bonder – 5330

  • The Wedge-Wedge Bonder 5330 can process aluminium and gold wires from 17,5 to 75 µm.
  • Due to the new designed clamp, it’s possible to bond ribbons up to 125µm width.
  • Due to the mechanical manipulator system the operator can create different kind of loops.
  • The bondhead is equipped with automatic feed- and tail-function, which allows optimal, user-friendly bonding.
  • The handling, supported by a colour display and the input with an shuttle-wheel make the programming of the machine very easy. 

Applications and Benefits

Operators require only a minimum of training,making the 5330 the ideal choice for small scale production,laboratory,prototyping,pre-series and repair applications.

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