Wire Bonding - Manual - 5380 –DIE-Bonder | Equipments

5380 MANUAL DIE-Bonder

  •  Different DIE-sizes process oriented useable
  •  Manual DIE-bonding with Touchdown-Detection and programmable
  • pickup- and bond force
  •  2 x 2“ working area for any Waffle-, Gel-Packs or Trays
  •  Bond- and pickup force from 5 up to 500 cN programmable

Applications and Benefits

At the Bonder only minimum extensions are necessary in hard and software.Instead of the wire bond tool,an adapter is insertedd into the Transducer directly, in order to takeup standard tools for chip bonding,so called Die Collets.

On the market they are avail avle in different Shaft diameters,bit they all fit into the three palnned mounting holes.

The chips are delivered in Wafflepacks,which are mounted beside thr normal substrate holder.

Laser Bonder | Wire Bonding

Wire Bonder F & K M17L

Laser Bonder | Wire Bonding

Wire Bonder F & K M17S

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Wire Bonder F & K M17XL

Laser Bonder | Wire Bonding

5310 Gold-Ball-Bonder

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